Saranac Lake Effect Lager

Matt Brewing Co.
Utica, NY
Saranac Lake Effect Lager

I just got back from eight days in Miami. As such, landing in 30-degree New York was a rude awakening. The name of this beer is very apt considering the windy flurries outside.

Get your coats on

The color is surprisingly dark for a lager, but the label boasts that it’s a malty German-style lager. A very fine and frothy beige head sits at about a half- to a quarter-inch with slow medium-fine carbonation rising in a wide column form the bottom.

The color is garnet and plum with touches of cola brown. The clarity is excellent and there are rich amber hues shining through when the glass is held to the light. A lot of malt on the nose; chocolate milk powder blends with some richer notes of stone fruit and a bit of cinnamon.

The mouthfeel is very good – the sprightly effervescence adds some peppery life to what is otherwise a very smooth first sip. There is less sweet malt than originally advertised but roasty toffee emerges as the beer warms a bit. Hallertau hops jump in with touches of grainy pear or coconut that is very pleasant when mixed with the nutty background of the malt.

An excellent winter beer – very balanced – and a great choice if you want something darker without resorting to ale.

New tag/category, too! Cheers to that.


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