Tremont Mr. Oktoberfest

Shipyard Brewing Co.
Portland, ME
Tremont Mr. Oktoberfest

It is no longer anywhere near Oktoberfest time. Hell, it’s not even autumn, but I’ve only got a couple of months before this stuff is no good. Tremont is yet another Shipyard brand, but SBC tends to be on the positive side of the plus-minus rating so I’m not too skeptical.

Still working on that Ph.D.

As an Oktoberfest, this beer is a nice ruddy, rusty amber with pumpkin hues in the light. A tan head dissipates quickly but leaves behind a veil of carbonation from some sturdy bubbles rising from the bottom.

The nose is sweet, but doesn’t cloy, like a graham cracker, and has a similar cinnamon and sugar spiciness. Some faint lavender florals hide behind the grain bill, but there is virtually no hop spice or citrus aroma to speak of.

The beer has a great texture – full and with finer effervescence than what the large globules hint at. Oddly enough this beer starts out with some bitters with some slightly tart grassy notes. That cleanliness gives way to a smooth wash of some ale-like characteristics – dates, dark chocolate, and even some brown sugar but with a very tidy finish that is much crisper than the malty aroma intimates.

This seems to be more of an English pale than a real Oktoberfest, but it’s certainly worth a whirl if it’s available.


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