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Oskar Blues Old Chub

Oskar Blues Brewing Co.
Lyons, CO
Old Chub Scottish Style Ale

The pour gives off a slow head that is reticent to puff up; it is grayish and recedes quickly. At first glance, the beer is deep brown and opaque, but when held to the light, there is clarity through the cola and amber colors. The nose is very malty with touches of smoke, chocolate, and molasses, as well as some rich plum and even a bit of peat.

The mouthfeel is creamy and smooth, not overly full. Some slow, fine carbonation, but this is not a bubbly blonde. You immediately taste a smooth chocolate milk flavor which become increasingly rich, eventually showing more plum and cherry. The earthiness is that of fruits lying desiccated on wet loam, but it is a subtle notion of this as the beer is surprisingly smooth. This belies its 8% ABV which shows up at the very end of each sip as warm caramel notes.

It’s not a big beer, per se, but it does have muscle. There’s nothing here that will overwhelm you, but it has a stalwart malt character that packs a gut punch.

My gf had a can of this, too, and had some interesting notes. She described the color as being like maple syrup and the aroma as a bit like a weak “scotch and soda”. She felt the mouthfeel was disappointing, but that was more a result of the carbonation – she likes big bubbles, sort of like my three-year-old nephew. She described the overall appearance as both “very 80s” and “something your drunk fat uncle in a plaid shirt would drink.” I’m not entirely sure what any of that means, but try this beer and report back. Maybe you’ll have some insight. My uncles love beer, aren’t fat, and only sometimes wear plaid.