What is best in life? Some would say that it is the open steppe, fleet horse, falcons at your wrist, and the wind in your hair. Others might say it is to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. I would say that a good beer is up there.

My name is Charlie

I like beer. I started homebrewing my own beer in 2007, collecting beers to enjoy and review at a date to be determined, and generally enjoying the all things beer. Sam Calagione said of the business of brewing and beer that it is “99% asshole free”. It’s also 100% delicious.

My favorite beers vary minute to minute, but some of my favorite go-tos include:

Sierra Nevada Anything (Sierra Pale Ale got me into ‘good’ beer in the first place)
Newcastle Brown
Guinness (for health)
Natty Light (Cans only)
Miller High Life (bottles only. Love those flutes)

Some others that I’ve enjoyed that I may or may not have reviewed:
Green Flash Extra Pale Ale
Widmer Pitch Black ’10
Dale’s Pale Ale
21st Amendment Back in Black
Surrey Hills Shere Drop
Ballast Point Sculpin IPA
Barrier Green Room
Cigar City Humidor Series IPA

And so many more. Clearly, I’m a hophead, but I love trippels, brown ales, copper ales, and stouts in particular as well. You’ll have to give me a break with the Natty. I’m not a beer snob, and sometimes you just want to take it easy.


4 responses to “About

  1. christian Werwaiss

    Hey glad to see you are alive…natty light is still good…..But i think my favorite in the Octoberfest from Sam Adams or Fast Angel by magic hat……

  2. Glad to see that you’re still a Sierra Nevada fan… I expected nothing less. Strange that you essentially introduced me to good beer and yet you seem to have neglected my favorite genre, the porter, in all of you beer wanderings. May I recommend a black butte, mad dog (still talking porter of course, as opposed to the college alcohol variety), or gonzo… You may have to travel westward to find those.

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