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Bottling Success!

Despite having to postpone bottling for one week as a result of my co-brewer having “over-celebrated” during the Badger game–and nearly doing the same the following week–we managed to bottle our brew.

The carboy was full of some beautiful caramel brown stuff and was sweet when we tried it. I heated the sugar in a two cups of water and transferred it to our bottling bucket. We added the yeast as we added the beer through the siphon. Our siphon came with this neat little attachment with a pressure valve on the bottom. As it sits on the bottom of whatever vessel you are transferring into, the valve is open. You simply lift the tube and the flow stops.

We enlisted Mike to help with the bottles and, as Vinnie held the siphon so as not to transfer any sediment, Mike handed the bottles while I tended to the beer level in the siphon (easily controlled with our little tube-valve).

Here’s our yield:


24 12oz bottles

7 22oz bottles

2 24oz bottles.

The floor of my closet has never looked so delicious.