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Bluegrass Brewing Amber Ale

Bluegrass Brewing Co
Louisville, KY
Amber Ale

BBC (which to me means Berkshire Brewing Co., outside of the world of international media) touts this as a “German-style altbier” which is always exciting. – especially since this BBC seems to love their German beers (they have a bock, kolsch, schwarzbier etc).

The pour is smooth with a clean white head that doesn’t inflate too much, but settles into a nice pub-pour film on top of the glass. A lace seems to stick, though the lack of a billowing head means I’ll have to wait and see. The clarity is low, but steady carbonation is evident. The honey color has touches of orange amber and gleams brilliantly.

The nose has a rich consistency, with a pleasant aroma of slightly burnt molasses. There is a mild wheat smell, too, that is coupled with a slight orange tang and mild hops.

The mouth is clear and clean, with the faint sweetness of the molasses coming through but ends weakly. There is a slight touch at the middle of the swallow that shows off the hops for a moment, but once the malt and hops finish a brief boxing match, a grassiness remains that thins the mouthfeel and leaves this beer seeming to have a lack of body.

This amber is a very refreshing ale but not too interesting. You could certainly drink a few of them, and maybe with a rich meal or a nice chocolate dessert, but it needs to do some pushups.