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Bottoms Up Perfect Pour

The last post was Brew York City’s 200th post! So, congratulations to us, and many thanks to you, dear readers. Treat yourself to a beer.

Now, something awesome. The Post Game has reported on a device that will cut down beer lines at venues such as ball games and concerts. It’s called Bottoms Up and, well, it’s magical and only convinces me further about the other-worldly wonders of beer.

Do yourself a favor, watch these videos:

Drinker’s-Eye View

56 Beers in a Minute

Crowd Control

Innovation at its finest. Cheers to you, Josh Springer.



L’Oubli Gourmet Bar, a new cocktails-and-small-plates spot coming to the LES, has a scheduled soft opening on Wednesday, August 11. Started by the Demarchelier family (of, appropriately, Demarchelier), the bar will be tended by son Ben, one of NYC’s most eligible (and best) mixologists. They’ll have local beer (and I’m sure some French options), so check it out ASAP.

This Brewery Stinks

The Times has reported (via AP) that City Brewery in Latrobe, PA has been closed temporarily by the DEP as a result of a foul smell coming from the sewage plant. The smell, it seems is caused by the run-off from the production process of some of CBC’s sweetened drinks.

The brewery used to brew Rolling Rock, which is now brewed in New Jersey. However, in addition to beers such as Iron City and some Sam Adams, they also brew Arizona Iced Tea (can’t fault them for making such delicious diabetes-inducing-sized drinks), Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and Smirnoff Ice. Let’s hope they sort out this mess and get back to business.

This basically all goes to show you that people should just stick to drinking beer.

New Beer Store in the East Village

According to my like-minded counterpart over at the like-named Brew York, New York, there is a new beer store set to open on 9th street in the East Village. Perhaps competing with places like New Beer and the WF Bowery Beer Room, this new spot is a great sign of how beer is being treated with a bit more love and respect. Along with selling bottles and filling growlers, the venue will also serve up pin

Read the full article on Brew York, New York.

Thanks to Chris over at BYNY for the report!

And… We’re Back

Some people just need to know how to pick their battles.

Brew York State of Mind

It’s with a heavy heart that I leave the Great State of Texas. Dallas has been good to me these past months. However, tomorrow I’m Eastbound and down, ready for all the crappy weather the great Northeast has to offer. I won’t be riding solo, I’ll have my dad with me, but posts may be scarce over the next few days.

Poppa Beer

A 16′ truck and beer are not to be mixed. Though this truck will be carrying a good deal of brew home for me. In order to ease my transition home, I have:

  • Shiner: three (3) cases @ 24 bottles/case
  • St. Arnold Elissa: three (3) sixers
  • Ranger IPA: one (1) case @ 24 bottles/case + one sixer (for good luck)
  • Southern Star Pine Belt IPA: one (1) four-pack @ 16oz/can
  • Harpoon Leviathan: one (1) four-pack (minus one from last night’s review)
  • Avery Collaboration: two (2) bombers @ 22oz/bottle
  • Widmer Black IPA: three (3) sixers
  • Miscellaneous: Thirty-three (33) bottles @ 12oz/bottle, three (3) bottles at 22oz/bottle
I don’t care to do the math, but it makes me happy to know that I‘ll be transporting (possibly illegally) a lot of beer across many States. Now, some beer porn:

Thankfully, my truck is Franzia-free

Beer Reviews Update

Hello Beer Fans,

It occurred to me that some of Brew York City’s older posts might not be easily found except through a direct search. I went through the archives and found that nearly 40 reviews were untagged. I tagged old reviews that were categorized (or not) and slapped a “Beer Review” tag on them, as well as style, state, and some new and exciting ones (Imperial! Vienna!). Get excited.

This will facilitate use of the tag cloud for seeking out the beers you want to find. We’re up above 90 reviews now, with plenty more to come.

Thanks to those of you have become Facebook fans of Brew York City. For you in the NE, enjoy your snowday, and for everyone else, have a great weekend, and cheers!

You gonna Finnish that?