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Millstream Hefeweissen

Millstream Brewing Co.
Amana, IA

A beer from Iowa has to have great grains in it and since today was such a beauty in New York–a harbinger of warm weather–a hefeweissen is just the thing.

The pour is even and smooth, perhaps served a bit to cold. The fine white head dissipates quickly though the effervescence is continuous and slow. The color is straw, slightly cloudy, but with decent clarity for a hefeweissen.

The nose is sweet, like bubblegum, with a lemony background mixing with a farm-like odor in the back. The initial sip gives some of that same sweetness but is evened out with a malty mouthfeel that makes this beer exceptionally smooth and refreshing. The slight lemon touch hits the back of the tongue and a slight hoppy bitterness finishes cleanly. This is an outstanding beer. Considering this is not one of my favorite styles, I am thoroughly impressed.