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St. Arnold Gives Gifts for Going Green

Not to keep on about St. Arnold, but I’m going to keep on about St. Arnold. Combining two things that will help save the world – namely beer and environmental accountability – St. Arnold is offering swag for discarded six- and twelve-pack holders. However, understanding the human race as they do, the brewing company is offering stuff in return for those slightly used carriers. You can trade in your old sixers and twelvers for all sorts of stuff, from a pint glass (10 carriers), to a beautiful tap handle (160 carriers), to a 1957 Bentley (just 200,000 carriers!).

My personal goal is 675 carriers for the bike jersey, but I think it’s going to take a while. Even for me.

You could forgo the accumulation of cardboard and obtain the gear simply by heading to the St. Arnold Store, but don’t forget to recycle regardless.