Lakefront White

Lakefront Brewery
Milwaukee, WI
Belgian Style White Beer

Mill-e-wa-kay is Algonquin for “the good land”, but Wisconsin means beer – it’s a fact. Belgium is also known for its great white and wheat beers, so this combination must be good, right? We will find out. Well, I’ll find out – it’s a perk of the job.

The beer pours clear, but with a slight agitation of the bottle, the sediment from the active yeast spills into the glass and clouds it up. The color is a thin straw gold, with a yellow translucency like lemon pulp. The head is crisp white but settles down quickly despite huge bubbles that fly up the glass.

The aroma is slightly musty. The yeast comes through with an odor of damp sand, though some subtle citrus notes – mostly lemon – come through. The mouthfeel starts off surprisingly full, but thins out a bit. Coriander spice does not really tart things up much, though there is a bit of a lemon sorbet feel. There is an unexpected but pleasant creaminess that shows up at the end of the swallow.

Nothing mind-blowing here, nor is it particularly wheat-y, but it’s another easy sipper from Lakefront.


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