Woodstock Loon

Been down so goddamn long…

Looks like it’s up to me.

I apologize to all the BYC followers and fans out there – it’s not that I haven’t been drinking, I’ve just been lazy. Or maybe, not lazy in that I’ve been out of the house and thus not reviewing. Regardless, I owe reviews, so here we go.

In honor of Halloween and all you loons out there:

Woodstock Inn Brewery
North Woodstock, NH
Loon Golden Ale

Another Shipyard contract, Woodstock also makes Pemi Pale Ale, reviewed last February.

A puffy, pure-white head jumps up above the beer, accelerated by extremely active, fine carbonation. The clarity is excellent and the color is beautiful. It is a truly lustrous gold, with faint tints of ruddy straw glinting in the light.

The nose is malty, but on the dry side with honey and pepper emanating through the sweet, bready body. The mouthfeel is good – it starts of with some heft and thins out nicely with the help of all that delicate effervescence. Like the aroma, the flavor has trouble deciding whether to be sweet or dry, which actually proves to be more interesting than incomplete. There is an initial soft grassiness which doesn’t really bite, but segues nicely into a buttery finish, like morning toast.

The finish is clean and not cloying. This brew is a fine session ale with some complexity. More impressive, I think, than their Pemi.


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