Keegan Ale Hurricane Kitty

Keegan Ales
Kingston, NY
Hurricane Kitty IPA

An even pour elicits enough turbulence to puff up a rocky head that sparkles with tangerine highlights. The brew itself is on the copper side of mahogany, with more red rust than brown or dun. The clarity is very good and the effervescence is fine, slow, and steady.

The nose is a resinous wallop of pine and citrus. Grapefruit is the predominant aroma, with evergreen sap sweetness following close behind. The mouthfeel is upfront – delicate carbonation imparting a peppery snap to the tip of the tongue. The flavor spreads quickly, but any subtlety is immediately overwhelmed by spicy lemon tartness. Eventually, some of that gives way to under-ripe orange and grapefruit.

Almost none of the syrupy quality from the aroma arrives in the swallow, but once your mouth has recovered from the unapologetic hop bill, this beer refreshes the palate with each sere sip and levels out a bit with some whisper-quiet but slightly chewy malt in the background. In the end, this is a bit metallic to be a balanced IPA, but Keegan named this beer aptly and makes no bones about its hop-forward attitude.


One response to “Keegan Ale Hurricane Kitty

  1. I’ve frequented Keegan and am a big fan of Hurricane Kitty. There’s little more enjoyable than a fresh growler (or two) amongst friends!

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