Yards Extra Special Ale

Yards Brewing Co.
Philadelphia, PA
Extra Special Ale

An orange-tinged tawny head pops up quickly to over half an inch and remains rocky and full. Through excellent clarity, the beer is toffee-amber with just a bit more strawberry blond than brunette throughout. The effervescence is extremely lively and fine.

Roasty cereal malt is predominant in the nose – there’s an impressive amount of smoke and char.

The mouthfeel is very full and the head has settled down a bit, adding a creamy touch. That initial smoothness ramps up quickly as the smokiness kicks in and hits the back of the palate with a bitter, if slightly metallic, hop twang that spreads out gradually. After a sip or two, that sere quality softens a bit and provides a nice finish to what is otherwise a very malt forward brew.

Good stuff here. A beautiful coating of lace is a final boastful salvo from what is a full and interestingly complex ale.


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