Sweetwater Georgia Brown Ale

Sweetwater Brewing Co.
Atlanta, GA
Georgia Brown Ale

An inch of head pops up over this lively brown beer and settles to a full finger of khaki turbulence. Already, a lacing is starting to form. The color is certainly brown – dark garnet meets oxidizing apple flesh. Barely translucent, this brew is a sexy slurry of vermillion and mud.

The nose is flour-soft with fine cocoa powder and honey cereal aromas emerging amongst slow blooming florals and citrus.

The mouthfeel is not overwhelmingly full, but it is by no means thin. It is even and smooth. Milky cocoa mingles with some slightly soapy lemon flavors that don’t have quite enough zing. Neither the malt nor the hops seem to want to take over, which is fine and leads to balanced sipping, but in this case, the sip is relatively boring until the end when a bit of sweetness spreads across the palate, and the green florals open up a bit.

As labeled, it’s “easy drinkin’” and “smooth as a Bill Clinton apology” – it’d be great with some charred barbecue which might help bring out some more of the roastiness.


2 responses to “Sweetwater Georgia Brown Ale

  1. How I miss Sweetwater…please tell me you were in ATL? Or how did you get a Sweetwater all the way up here in Yankee land? Please share your secret!!

  2. We just reviewed this beer and really like it. We added it to our new category of great after the gym beer. It’s a kind of counter productive category but all the same it was a great beer. Check out our video review here…..

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