Uinta Four Plus Wyld

Uinta Brewing Co.
Salt Lake City, UT
Four+ Wyld Extra Pale Ale

In honor of Earth Day, here’s an organic (USDA certified!) brew from Utah’s Uinta Brewing. Uinta has been making great beers in a state not known for its breweries. That’s not say that there’s no beer in Utah, but Uinta is making sure there are good ones. They make a lot of session brews (contrary to popular belief, they are allowed to make higher ABV brews. Their Labyrinth Black is over 13%), and this one weighs in at a quiet 4%

Four+ Wyld

The pour is lively and immediately starts wafting pungent aromas out of the glass. The head is pillowy and full, slightly yellowed. Effervescence flies around the glass in a swarm. The color is a tawny honey blonde, and crystal clear.

The nose is lovely – cut grass and honeysuckle, wet pine and rose. This is a spectacularly balanced bouquet of hops and malt.

The mouthfeel is full and smooth at first. Grassy tartness kicks in immediately and those florals hit the roof of the mouth, adding aroma to the sip. The malt arrives as crisp bread crust and buttered rolls. Pine needles chime in at the end to add a bit of pop that cleans out the palate and prompts another sip, and quickly.

Proof that session beers can be complex and Awesome. Cheers to Uinta.


2 responses to “Uinta Four Plus Wyld

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  2. Went to Boise, Idaho to visit my two Iowa kids,son-in -law and grandchild. Nick and Jenny epler son-in-law and daughter) just opened a 44 beer-on-tap establishment called the “taphouse” Not familiar with Western Brews, I started out with an Uinto Wyld….Need I say that I DID NOT TRY ANOTHER BEER ALL NIGHT. For a beer lover–this says a lot about my experience with this marvolous beer. Oh, when you get to Boise, Idaho try a Wyld at “The Taphouse”…………FOOD WAS AWESOME AS WELL!!!! VANDALEYES (Hawkeyes/Vandal)

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