Madison River Irresistible Amber

Madison River Brewing Co.
Belgrade, MT
Irresistible Amber Ale

Madison River BrewingOff the pour, the head is slow to develop but a tan foam eventually forms, thanks to a heavy-handed pour, and settles down to a thin layer. The color is a true amber – tortoiseshell, with just a touch of copper. Decent clarity throughout, and a faint haze isn’t enough to obscure the slow, thin carbonation.

The nose is more malt than hops – some baked sweet potato skin and a bit of cinnamon. The mouthfeel is very good to start and a lemon crispness evens things out. Eventually, hops show through with a bit of clean orange pulp and some soft bread crust.

Eminently drinkable, this beer lacks punch, but was never intended to have much. Many ambers tend to have a bit too much malt, leaving them a bit cloying, or they are over-hopped and essentially American IPAs, so this is a nice session amber, if not irresistible.


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