Heavy Seas Marzen

Heavy Seas Beer (Brewed by Clipper City Brewing Co.)
Baltimore, MD

Beer of the Month Club pulled a fast one on me. When this particular shipment arrived, I was excited to receive a beer from a brewery I’d never heard of. However, upon further investigation, I found that Heavy Seas is simply Clipper City redux; and the Marzen used to be the MarzHon. Also, Heavy Seas uses some cute marketing to class their beers into “Pyrate”, “Clipper”, and “Mutiny” fleets. Fine. Despite already (sort of) reviewing this one way back in January 2009, I remember liking it quite a bit, so I’ll just have to give it another go. I’m a trouper.

The brew pours softly, not yielding too much of a head, though a snowy and delicate layer hangs around for a while. Very nice. The clarity is superb, and some decent sized pearls buzz up the glass. The color shines like a coin, but is just on the yellow side of copper-penny.

The nose is dank with malt, offering some toasted, biscuity notes, along with mildly sweet brown sugar aromas, and just a smattering of Noble hops.

The mouthfeel is excellent, flowing across the tongue and coating the mouth evenly with a smoothness of perfectly-made pie crust and a bit of honey graham cracker. The end of the swallow barely mentions the hop presence, but there’s enough of a green-twig crackle to even things out. No alcohol warmth like some German varieties, but this is as smooth a lager as you’re likely to find locally. Heavy Seas or Clipper City – either way, I’m on board.


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