Brooklyn Pilsner

Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Brewery’s pilsner, like their lager, is a highly- but specifically-hopped brew. BB never ceases to impress, so let’s go.

Brooklyn Pilsner

Not an overly lively pour, but what head does appear is crackling and snowy white. The brew itself is crystalline in clarity, and steady effervescence marches up the glass. The color is hay-and-straw with some golden orange highlights that just barely show up in the denser portions of the glass.

The aroma is mostly floral – lavender and clover rise up over cut grass. The mouthfeel is pretty good, though the Hallertau and Saaz hops impart a water-biscuit snap that hits the palate immediately and washes out any fullness or creaminess that might ordinarily be noticed.

Towards the back of the swallow, there is a very dry papery quality that begs another sip right away. This is as fine an example of a classic pilsner as you can find in the US.


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