Boulder Flashback Ale

Boulder Beer Co.
Boulder, CO
Flashback India-Style Brown Ale

It may not be the right style (in fact, it’s a totally fabricated style) but I really wanted to use the new tulip glasses that my brother gave me for Christmas.

The color is a deep burgundy maple syrup color with some purplish bruise hues. A fine, light tan head doesn’t seen to stick around, though a frothy halo clings the inside edge of the glass.

Boulder Flashback

Boulder Beer Flashback India Brown

The nose is a fine mix of citrus and floral hops, emitting a perfumy odor that gets some foggy texture thanks to raisin bread crust and chocolate truffle maltaromas.

The mouthfeel is very good, heading towards great. Fine carbonation initiates some mild floral hops, followed by a wash of just mildly perceptible toasted dark bread with a faint hint of acrid char that head right in to the finish. That finish is all sparkling hops, with grapefruit and tart green grapes melding with a final milky smoothness as the malt tries its best to kick free again.

As a Colorado brew from the brewery that makes Hazed & Infused dry-hopped ale and Cold Hop, it’s not surprising that the hops get their name in lights, but I’m impressed with the subtlety with which Boulder introduces the roastiness. As the beer warms, more of the chocolate malt comes out, but the finish is still clean. This one is also a sneaky 6.8%. If I had another in the fridge, I’d drink it right now.


4 responses to “Boulder Flashback Ale

  1. So in fact, there is no such thing as an India Style Brown Ale?

    • Well, it’s not NOT a style, but referring to something as “India-style” is a sort of made up. It’s like the “dark IPA” that has become prominent. I suppose it should have it’s own name without a definitive nod to other styles, but that’s splitting hairs. It just means that it’s a hybrid IPA and brown ale: it uses IPA hops (Cascade etc) and brown ale malt. Whatever it is, it’s delicious.

  2. Thanks for trying our beer! We’re glad you enjoyed it. As for “completely fabricated style” — thanks again. This is how new styles get invented. And please come and check us out at The Pony Bar in Manhattan on January 18: we’ll have over 20 varieties of freshly fabricated glory ON DRAFT. In fact, I think I’ll head down to our pub and have a Flashback now, myself! — Dan from Boulder Beer

  3. Hi guys! Thank you for the great review of our IBA.
    Yes please come out to the Pony Bar Jan 18th as we take over all the taps there.
    We will have our core items, our seasonals, our limited beers some nitro specials a few firkins and some rare beers sent from the brewery just for this event.
    Cheers and thank you Again

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