Sam Adams Oktoberfest

Boston Beer Co.
Boston, MA

Tomorrow, your friendly neighborhood Brew Yorker is traveling to London for the first time since starting the Brew York City beer blog. With many beautiful beers to try in Merry Olde, I’ll try to report as much as possible, but expect dimly lit pub photos.

In the meantime, here’s an Oktoberfest to get in the fall spirit.

What a lovely copper beer! Amber, dark honey and dark orange preserve shimmer through the untouched clarity and lively carbonation. A solid half inch of head slows down at a quarter inch and is as smooth and slightly off-white as new snow under a forest canopy. The surface teems with the life of the effervescence from below.

The nose has a lot of malt – sugary cereal initially emerges but soon the hops take over with a crisp grassiness and some mildly earthy cooked vegetables.

The mouthfeel is a beautiful thing, creamy as the snowy head hits, then full and tingly as the carbonation dances in second. Initially smooth malts like cream of wheat come about, followed by a metallic and tangy zest of orange peel. There is an amazing interplay between that tanginess and an overall smoothness from the malt. There is alcohol present, but there’s no unseemly heat from it.

I could sit outside on a cool fall day and drink an alarming amount of these. This beer is smoother than Billy Dee Williams, yet is as sharp as his style.


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