Celis White

Michigan Brewing Co.
Webberville, MI
Celis White

The pour is a shower of effervescence – carbonation streams up the glass, helping to inflate a delicate but full inch of cloud-white head. Those fine bubbles stay busy keeping the head settled at a half inch.

The clarity is good though the color is surprisingly light. (N.B. I didn’t pour the full bottle so any sediment in the bottle is still in there). It is a very fine straw gold, even champagne colored brew.

The nose is pleasantly surprising. Despite what seems to be a thin-looking brew, the aroma is much more interesting. Powdery bubble gum, along with lemon zest and coriander mix with slightly under-ripe banana flambé (which comes through as a sweet caramelized odor).

The mouthfeel is very good, if a bit on the thin side. However, spice gives way to more sweetness that couples nicely with the lemon zest. As the beer gets a bit warmer, the bubble gum and coriander emerges a bit more.

If I’m going to have a white or wheat beer, this is the way I like it.


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