Mackinac Pale Ale

Michigan Brewing Co.
Webberville, MI
Mackinac Pale Ale

The Mackinac pours with a dense and frothy white head that puffs up to a good inch or so. It sits atop golden-copper body with wonderful clarity and swift, fine carbonation that keeps that head inflated. Touches of marmalade orange color sit at the edges of the glass.

The aroma is full of orange zest and cinnamon toast, providing a nice complement of bittersweet smells.

The mouthfeel is very good but not great. It is smooth at first as that froth washes down, but quickly turns into a peppery tart hop character. Certainly, orange zest is present, and it gives a nice synergy with the orange marmalade color. The brew finishes a bit weakly, but, all in all, is a very refreshing English-style pale ale.


One response to “Mackinac Pale Ale

  1. My wife is going to The Grand on Mackinac Island next month around the fifteenth. Is this worth having her bring me some home?

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