Sam Adams Black Lager

Boston Beer Co.
Boston, MA
Samuel Adams Black Lager

Part of Sam’s Brewmaster’s Collection of specialty beers, specifically “classic” styles according to the site, the Black Lager is an example of a German-style lager that combines lager (bottom-fermenting) yeast and roasted malts. Usually these have a lighter body than your typical roasted malt beer like porter or stout, but have a nice addition of toasted flavors. Anyway, I think that Sam is a good brewery and I like what they’ve been doing with their BC.

Sam Adams Black Lager

Sam Adams Black Lager

The color is a surprisingly opaque espresso black with faint chestnut brown accents around the edges. A khaki head caps the brew nicely, settling down in this stout little glass with a frothy oculus around the inside of the rim.

Taking a deep breath, there is an instantly recognizable roasted char aroma. It is pleasant and not acrid, sitting beneath dank and resinous pine odors as well as a bit of damp tobacco leaves and a little bit of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

The mouthfeel is wonderfully complex, combining some fine effervescence with a smooth and slightly creamy texture that coaxes out the soft milk chocolate character of the malt. A brief murmur of peppery hops comes around right at the very end of the swallow just to make sure you know you are drinking a lager.

This is an eminently drinkable brew and a fine addition to the landscape of American beer. This would be awesome with a really nice char-grilled burger and some sweet potato fries.


One response to “Sam Adams Black Lager

  1. I thought this one, in the same sampler pack, was exceptional this year. The rest of the specialties (Oktoberfest, Bavarian Hefe, etc) I thought were quite disappointing.

    Something wasn’t quite right with the process on the specialty beers. The mouthfeel seemed thin, and most were too sweet. I saved some Oktober’s from last year and tried them side by side, and there was no comparison.

    But again, that Black Lager, was exceptional this year.

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