Lagunitas IPA

Lagunitas Brewing Co.
Petaluma, CA

Another fine guest review courtesy of Max, IPA-lover but skeptical hophead.

Back from a couple of weeks of high island living and busy days ahead I thought I’d go back to what I am good at (drinking IPAs) and give yet another guest review.

The first impressions of Petulama, CA, Lagunitas IPA is that of another in a plethora of trendy-named West Coast pale ales – underwhelming and over hyped!
But alas, after the weakish head, the tart citrus aroma and a color that is ho-hum at best, Lagunitas gets down to what the Sierra Nevadas and Harpoon IPAs of the world are all about: a magnificently well-balanced and constantly improving-as-you-drink-it personality.  Lagunitas is the real deal, its shortcomings out of the bottle are blown away by the explosion of orange, lime, and even mocha flavor that dart up and down each pull.

Lagunitas IPA is easily a top tier example of the style, it is unpretentious yet uncompromising. Its simplicity is solely in its appearance. After that, watch out!


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