Sierra Nevada Tumbler

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Chico, CA

Touted as an “Autumn Brown Ale”, I figure that, now that it’s September, it’s suitable to try. Also, I’m sitting on Nantucket Island, waiting for Hurricane Earl to come test the abilities of the area roofers, so I figure it’s a good time to settle down with a good beer.

The pour is not too lively, but bubbles up with a beige head which hangs around at a little less than a quarter of an inch. Lively carbonation visible through good clarity keeps it going.

The color is a fine light cola brown with some garnet touches when held to the light. There is a nice chocolate color but just enough red in the background to make me think that this won’t be too roasted or cocoa-like.

The nose is a nice amalgam of malt and hops – slightly sweet milk chocolate comes through at first but with some great grass and pepper hop character. Even after five minutes or so, the layer of head has persisted, with some slight dissipation showing a nice ability to cling.

The mouthfeel is spectacular – simultaneously smooth and effervescent. The start is all creamy malts with a silky, milky body but it gives way to a nice little tang that has some very light florals and a touch of grapefruit under what is otherwise a very snappy, slightly metallic end.

As usual, Sierra Nevada comes through with flying colors, and they’ve steered away from their usual Cascade hop body. Only good things out of Chico.


2 responses to “Sierra Nevada Tumbler

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  2. Thanks for the review! I’m looking forward to try some of this tonight.

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