Ommegang Abbey Ale

Brewery Ommegang
Cooperstown, NY
Abbey Ale

Courtesy of Max:

With the air not as humid and two weeks of vodka and rum drinking ahead of me, I  picked up a four-pack of Ommegang Abbey Ale.

This Belgian-style Dubbel boasts – “A rich, fruity, and aromatic, Burgundian brew.”
However, before we dream of sandaled monks crafting their Trappist ales in secrecy, be aware that the fine people of Ommegang are from our great state of New York and are another reason to go to Cooperstown, home to the great Hall.

Abbey ale maintains a rich amber color with a full micro-bubble head that leaves the glass clean upon drinking. The aroma is that of most Belgian-style ales, full of orange peel and coriander.  At first taste, Abbey falls into that Chimay and Duvel level – distinctly European with a refined and polished finish.  The great surprise about Abbey is that its chocolate flavor is accompanied by what I can only say is a refreshingly young feeling.  The great Trappist beers of the world are up there with the best, but they are huge brews and they taste very serious.  These beers are like Bordeaux and Cabs of red wine.  Ommegang is a lovely rich tasty ale but it feels young, sprite, and new, much like America.  Batter up!


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