Wild Goose IPA

Wild Goose Brewery
Frederick, MD

A steady, barroom pour elicits a lively beer with a head that sticks around at about a quarter-inch, subsiding to a film that stays active from the steady stream of bubbles. The lacing seems to remain.

The color is a slightly hazy honey color with touches of gold bar and marmalade orange in the light.

The nose is an interesting amalgam of malts and hops. With the IPA tag, this beer should have more citrus and bitters on the nose, but the aroma is mostly wet woodchips and a background of faintly peppery fruit, like a grainy ripe pear.

The mouthfeel is excellent – full and creamy, and yet exhibiting all the life that the effervescence of the pour indicates. Dry, chalky bitterness is the first thing to hit the palate. The flavor is a bit acerbic, like crabapple, with some very terse grassiness that cracks like bitter endive.

This is a truly sere beer, which is actually pleasantly surprising after the damp malt miasma that initially rises from the glass. The aftertaste is a tad metallic, but overall the flavor is good – neither citric nor grassy. The hop characteristic is similar to the tobacco notes of Simcoe but this is more of a Fuggle hop English IPA.


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