Key West Sunset Ale

Florida Beer Co.
Melbourne, FL
Key West Sunset Ale

Florida’s Caribbean Style pilsner was just fine by me, so I look forward to the Sunset Ale. They market it as a malty amber ale which is just as well, since I first thought that it was a summer beer.

Beer Like a Sunset

Much like the CSP, this beer doesn’t proffer much head, but a thin lace lies across the top of the beer and the steady effervescence maintains the doily.

The color is brand-new-penny copper with more orange and ruby touches than ruddy brown tones.

Fruit and malt dominates the aroma. A lot of fresh berry notes, like strawberry jam on toast with a faint hint of marmalade and some pair.

The mouthfeel is a bit thin and the carbonation overwhelms the palate initially. The malt is subtle and lighter. It’s a cup of fruit versus the pancakes-and-syrup that a lot of malty ales deliver. The flavor is not unpleasant – light strawberry and raspberry flavors seem to prevail but they are far from cloying, A touch of subtly dank, sour hops rounds out the finish, which is a a bit fuller than the rest – necessary since this brew offers less than many others

Again, not a bad brew to sit with on a hot day, but it needs a bit more oomph.


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