Hurricane Reef Caribbean Style Pilsner

Florida Brewing Co.
Melbourne, FL
Hurricane Reef Caribbean Style Pilsner

“Caribbean Style Pilsner” is a bit of a bizarre designation. Though pilsner is the world’s most imitated (or reproduced) style. It’s from the Czech Republic but is often credited to the Germans. A lot of international breweries with a flagship pils were started or overseen by a German brewmaster. I’m not sure this is the case with something like Carib (to take a popular Caribbean pilsner as an example), but it’s still odd to credit the Islands. I guess that’s Florida for you.

Pouring the beer into a narrow Kolsch glass, a pure white head inflates to an inch but rapidly suspires to almost nothing. The clarity is impeccable, showing slow and even carbonation. The color is golden blond beechwood with no hint of any muddiness.

The nose is very grassy – all Hallertau hops. A green branch snap and a lot of clean vegetation are promising odors.

The mouthfeel is very good, the carbonation is far more fill than I would have thought which helps along the subtle flavors of this pils. There is just enough of a bitter tang from the hops which rise up and cross the palate fairly pervasively. A mild sweetness evens out the sip, proving that the brew’s got a good malt background.

Good beer, and a fine alternative to any macro pilsner choice you might be making,


One response to “Hurricane Reef Caribbean Style Pilsner

  1. If you’re looking to try another Florida pilsner, check out Orange Blossom Pilsner.

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