Casco Bay Riptide Red

Casco Bay Brewing Co.
Portland, ME
Riptide Red

The pour was a bit lethargic, not seeming to offer up much in the way of a supported head, but once it was all in the glass, a quarter-inch was sustained. It’s a nice ruddy tan color and comprised of very fine bubbles.

Red Tide, sans algae.

The color is auburn edging towards chestnut brown. The clarity is excellent and the whole brew is replete with steady fine carbonation.

The nose highlights the malt, but the three hops varietals that are purportedly used in this beer break some of the caramel sweetness of the malts to create an oddly loamy spice that has hints of pepper, starchy rice wine, touches of mild fruit, like cantaloupe.

The mouthfeel is very good – the fine effervescence melts away into a creamy start that carries some biscuity malt across the tongue well. That soon dissipates as bitter green twig tang kicks in through the middle and back of the tongue. Perhaps a bit of lemon zest back there as well.

The beer is a passable ale, but remains a bit unbalanced. It’s probably improved when paired with some lamb or other flavorful or highly seasoned red meat.


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