Blowing Rock Summer Ale

Boone Brewing Co.
Blowing Rock, NC
Blowing Rock Summer Ale

Having just returned from the West Coast – including a 120-degree day in Las Vegas – I have returned to what is most definitely summer in NYC. Thus, a summer ale.

Initially, the pour is somewhat lively, with a very clean white head accelerating to a half-inch before settling to a fine layer. The beer is properly cloudy, like a real New York City summer haze – golden straw in color with dappled orange.

The nose is malty with wet cedar bark, sweet citrus, and a hint of coriander spice.

The mouthfeel is full, improving as it proceeds toward the throat. Fine carbonation keeps things interesting as the beer starts to open up a bit. Pleasant twiggy tanginess and a smoother spiciness than you might expect are complemented superbly by very subtle touches of lemon and orange.

It may be the run in the heat I just went on, but this beer is really hitting the spot. It is a really nice refresher on a hot day like this and, while it won’t stand up when preceded by a fuller-flavored brew. All told, this one is pretty good and is more interesting than many other summer brews I have that suffer from a thinner mouthfeel.


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