Carrabassett Pale Ale

Casco Bay Brewing Co.
Portland, ME
Carrabassett Pale Ale

I believe that Casco Bay was under Shipyard’s roof but it seems they have a dedicated site now.

The color is a very clear woody copper with a thin and quickly settling off-white head. Steady, fine effervescence travels up the glass maintaining a crackling layer on the surface.

The nose is malty and sweet with touches of honey. The hops come across veiled in a damp metallic aroma.

The mouthfeel is a bit thin, but it picks up a bit as the sip progresses. While the beer boasts a Pacific West Coast pale ale profile, this beer is far more similar to English style pales, creamy and bitter at the same time. Sweet brown sugar dominates but gives way to a peppery bitterness of hops. There is no citrus to speak of, really, and no oily West Coast hops.

Good, but not great, this beer would accompany foods that aren’t too spicy but that have a slight sweetness to them: ribs or pulled pork. OK, really I just want ribs and pulled pork sandwiches, but I do think it would work.


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