Lakefront Wheat Monkey

Lakefront Brewery, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI
Wheat Monkey Ale

The color is very pale gold like hay in the sunshine – there is no trace of orange or red. The head is fine and white but dissipates rapidly, leaving only a disappearing archipelago of thin carbonated film. Clarity is low – there is a haze – but light passes through easily.

Why can't you set your monkey free?

The aroma is pleasantly full – a lot of sweet mash. It’s all grain and honey with some subtle coriander huskiness and perhaps a dash of lemon zest.

The mouthfeel is a bit fine, but very good for a wheat beer. There is very little spiciness or malt sweetness to overwhelm the palate, just a clean, lightly spiced citrus quality, some grassiness, just enough sweetness to make you keep sipping and enough bitter hops to round out the finish.

It’s not the most interesting beer I’ve had, but it hits the spot on a hot New York City summer day.


2 responses to “Lakefront Wheat Monkey

  1. For whatever reason I’ve not developed a love of wheat beers… Your description makes me think I’m missing out on something important!

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