Brasserie de Tahiti
Tahiti, Polynesia

Don’t think the hiatus from reviews is because I haven’t been enjoying frosty beverages. I have been enjoying many frosty beverages. I won’t be posting as regularly as I was in the Great State of Texas, but at least we’re back.

My brother brought back from his honeymoon what seems like a never-ending supply of this Tahitian beer. I’ve been hanging onto this one for a while, but hopefully the can has preserved it well. Hinano has one of the finer logos in the brewing world, and I’ll pour this beer into the appropriately branded glass that my big bro so kindly got for me.

The color is golden straw, with no haze to speak of and a rocky pure-white head. The effervescence is steady and full – mid-sized bubbles ascend with purpose.

Hinano Technology

Predictably, metallic and grassy aromas dominate in this perfect example of a foreign pilsner style brew. The nose is something like that of wet sand and damp straw.

The mouthfeel is good, and not thin and the steady effervescence tingles, though the body lacks some of the oomph of other pilsners. The hops come across as too caustic. Paired with some grilled swordfish, this would be a nice addition, but it needs more of the peppery pop that is expected from pilsners. That said, the final aftertaste is creamier and fuller than the rest of the sip might portend.

Again, I’ve had this can a while but this beer would be perfect on a warm afternoon on a Tahitian beach. OK, so any beer would probably be perfect on a warm afternoon on a Tahitian beach, but this one would be readily available and refreshing


3 responses to “Hinano

  1. The logo is quite inviting and different in the beer can category – I like.

    Based on your review, I’m interested in grabbing a few if I can find them here in the States.

    Your Bro gets major props for procuring the brew AND matching glass.

  2. Where can I find this beer? It was great and we really enjoyed it in Tahiti

    • Hi John, I’ve never seen it outside of Tahiti. Well, I’ve never seen it in Tahiti either – my brother brought it back from his honeymoon. I’ll keep an eye out though…

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