Brew York State of Mind

It’s with a heavy heart that I leave the Great State of Texas. Dallas has been good to me these past months. However, tomorrow I’m Eastbound and down, ready for all the crappy weather the great Northeast has to offer. I won’t be riding solo, I’ll have my dad with me, but posts may be scarce over the next few days.

Poppa Beer

A 16′ truck and beer are not to be mixed. Though this truck will be carrying a good deal of brew home for me. In order to ease my transition home, I have:

  • Shiner: three (3) cases @ 24 bottles/case
  • St. Arnold Elissa: three (3) sixers
  • Ranger IPA: one (1) case @ 24 bottles/case + one sixer (for good luck)
  • Southern Star Pine Belt IPA: one (1) four-pack @ 16oz/can
  • Harpoon Leviathan: one (1) four-pack (minus one from last night’s review)
  • Avery Collaboration: two (2) bombers @ 22oz/bottle
  • Widmer Black IPA: three (3) sixers
  • Miscellaneous: Thirty-three (33) bottles @ 12oz/bottle, three (3) bottles at 22oz/bottle
I don’t care to do the math, but it makes me happy to know that I‘ll be transporting (possibly illegally) a lot of beer across many States. Now, some beer porn:

Thankfully, my truck is Franzia-free


One response to “Brew York State of Mind

  1. I assume that most of the beers with which you traveled across the eastern portion of US are now past their expiration dates, yes? While you probably drank all of these beers by now, I am curious about the unlikely scenario that you didn’t. What does one do with beer that is “old” – simply ignore the expiration – and why does beer expire so quickly if it’s fermented and bottled? I can’t sleep until I know.

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