Shiner Blonde

Spoetzl Brewery
Shiner, TX

The pour is very pale yellow, with lively carbonation that helps support a quarter-inch of soft, pure white head. The retention seems decent.

The nose is as grassy and green as most of the Shiner brews, though this smells a bit thinner than some of the other similarly golden samples. The bottle claims that it contains both Euro and US hops, which is always a lovely-sounding idea. Some faint notes of grape and a touch of rain, but that’s about it.

The mouthfeel is thin and, while the carbonation is good, the anorexic body leaves you with nothing but the effervescence and makes you think you’re drinking seltzer. What flavor exists is not bad, by any means – some faint grassy hops, a little bit of pleasant wet loam – but there’s too little to make a strong assessment. Essentially, this tastes like a watered-down or even ‘light’ version of Shiner’s Kosmos.

At 4.4%, it’s a session beer, and you could easily put away many of these without any serious deleterious effects, but you might as well save room in your belly and wallet for something with some more substance.

The lacing isn’t all that bad either, leaving a pocked coral wall behind, but that’s about the best this brew has to offer save for maybe some thirst-quenching during a really serious softball game.


One response to “Shiner Blonde

  1. Maxwell Davidson, IV

    so you didn’t like it?

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