Real Ale Brown Ale

Real Ale Brewing Co.
Blanco, TX
Brewhouse Brown Ale

This Real Ale sampler pack is great as it provides three different beers – two bottles each – rather than just one bottle of six types, the way Shiner does it. This allows for sampling for reviewing, and sampling for enjoying. The final in this threesome is the brown ale.

There is no rocky billowing head, which isn’t altogether unusual for a brown ale. The effervescence is good though, as is the clarity.

The color is a bit on the red side of cola brown. There is more orange and brick red in there than brown.

The nose is sweet and bready. Some mild toasted grain notes rise up under the warm brown bread body. A faint whiff of what smells like Noble hops comes through the roasted grains a bit.

The mouthfeel is full, with impressively more body than you might think from such a translucent brown ale. The effervescence is fairly lively and carries a nice cleanliness that pairs perfectly with what turns out to be a very subtle yet present roastiness. Brown sugar, fresh bread crust, and just a bit of malty toffee. Some hops help to dry out the finish, preventing this from coming across as sweet.

This is a great subtle brown ale. For those of you who are a bit wary of the burnt quality that can accompany some browns, check this out. It is smooth and dry, but carries enough flavor to pair with food.


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