Fisherman’s Bavarian Wheat

Cape Ann Brewing Co.
Gloucester, MA
Fisherman’s Bavarian Wheat

The pour starts off excessively lively, as many wheats do. I fine and active orange head flies up, capping the beer with a crackling half-inch. It dissipates rapidly, but not entirely thanks to some of the most lively carbonation I’ve seen. Perhaps helped by the tight confines at the bottom of the glass, the finest pearls of effervescence rise up in countless gossamer strands.

At the wider part of the glass, the beer is burnt orange in color, with peach and very fine khaki accents visible through the translucency of the haze. Below, a more yellow marigold is illuminated.

The nose is mostly banana, but has some spice as well, including coriander and clove, as well as a sweet floral like a paperwhite. Looking into the glass, the head persists at a little less than a quarter of an inch, and the surface is teeming with bubbles.

The mouthfeel is decent. I find that many wheat beers tend to be a bit thinner than I like but this beer manages a bit of body, aided in no small part by the carbonation. The first flavor is a pleasantly wheaty graininess like breakfast cereal (but without all that pesky riboflavin). The beer opens up with a sharp smack of citrus that is neither orange nor lemon. It is somewhere between sour and sweet and accompanies the crispy grain nicely. There is a hint of dryness in the back, but mostly you are left with a slightly concentrated dose of those citrus fruits.

Somewhere in between the grain and the fruit is a bit of spice, but it doesn’t hit you quite hard enough before it is overpowered. Nonetheless, for this style, it is refreshing and might do if you’re looking for a wheat with something slightly different to it.


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