Atwater Dirty Blonde

Atwater Block Brewery
Detroit, MI
Dirty Blonde Ale

Trying out a stemmed wine glass for the first time, I tried to pour this beer a bit heavy to puff up a head, but managed to elicit only a thin white layer which was quick to settle. I’ll chalk that up to glassware.

The color is straw gold, slightly hazy, with a heavy yellow base and a veneer of orange. The carbonation is very fine, running up the center of the globular glass in pearl strands.

The nose has coriander, a touch of banana, and some orange zest.

The initial sip yields a wisp of wheat then a touch of a thin cereal body, but it all quickly disappears into a tart squirt of lemon. The finish isn’t altogether unpleasant, however what legs the waifish citrus flavor has barely manages to limp to the finish.

The end of the pour provides a bit more haze and a few bits of yeast to add a bit to bolster the body of this beer but, on the whole, this brew is a fairly innocuous choice. Certainly, it’s not offensive, and you could drink several, but you’d get bored. I do however love the young woman’s Tigers tramp-stamp on the label.

This brewery is around the corner from where I stayed for one of the best weddings I’ve ever attended, so believe me, I want to like it, but these brews are lacking something to really make them stand out.


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