Cottonwood American Wheat

Carolina Beer Co.
Wilkes-Barre, PA/Mooresville, NC
Cottonwood American Wheat Ale

Again, here’s CBC (Mooresville, NC), brewed under the Cottonwood label in PA. The beer is labeled as a “Wheat Ale Brewed with Orange and Coriander,” somewhat demystifying this tasting process.

The pour is calm and a pure white head shows up to a rocky inch, but settles to a fine layer in a couple of minutes.

The color is a slightly hazy hay-and-straw gold with fine steady, well-spaced carbonation.

The nose certainly has coriander in it, as well as some orange, but the initial aroma is slightly horsy like wet hay or a barn in a rainstorm.

The mouthfeel is decent – good carbonation – but a bit thin. Orange hits the sides of the tongue and feels a bit medicinal, but some nice wheat flavors come through to bring out a good tartness. There is little spice from the coriander – no real peppery notes to speak of right away, but there is a bit of dryness that opens up after a bit.

While it’s no prom queen, this beer would be an adequate date on a warm summer evening.


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