Pocono Pale Ale

Lion Brewery, Inc.
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Pocono Pale Ale

Despite a fairly gentle, even pour, the beer had a lively head. A pillowy, faintly beige head rocketed up to well over an inch, slowly subsiding to a still-dense half-inch, leaving some icicle lacing in its wake.

The color is burnt copper, just on the orange side of amber. Torrential effervescence charges up the glass from the etched bottom and keeps the puffy head alive.

The nose has a lot of sweet phenols, smelling more like a Belgian-style wheat than a pale. Lemon, baseball card chewing gum, and a bit of under-ripe banana are accented by some spiciness which is probably coriander, explaining the wheat fake-out.

The mouthfeel is really quite good. The ever-present head imparts an initial creaminess that is cleaned out by the fine carbonation. Initially, sweet malts show up with a subtle breadiness, soon giving way to a bitter orange and lemon tang, and finally a clean, almost yeasty spiciness. There are some hops at the very end that are subtle, giving just enough bitterness to negate any unpleasant sweetness.

Despite seeming like a non-traditional pale ale, this is quite a lovely beer. It is refreshing, and has something for everybody. The Cascade and Centennials that are supposedly in this brew show up really only as aromatic florals, but I can live with that. Identity crisis or not, this is an easy-drinker that would serve well for wheat-lovers and the malt-mad.

Another bonus under-the-cap game for the easily amused!

Rebuses are more fun with beer


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