Febrewary 2010

Dear Brew York City fans and followers,

Though I recently thanked those of you who became Facebook fans of BYC, this is another note of gratitude to all of you for supporting this Brew Quest. Not only did January 2010 see a record high for monthly views of this zymurgic niche of the Web, but February 2010 nearly doubled that. And we all know that nobody likes February, being that it is marked by a truncated schedule, crappy weather, and the pretend “holiday” Valentine’s day.

Maybe because beer is liquified celebration, people turn to this site and sites like it in some desperate attempt to usher joy into the otherwise bleak days of winter. If so, I hope it helped. Thanks again and, though your friendly neighborhood Brew Yorker will be traveling a great deal in the month of March, posts will hopefully continue to abound for your reading and drinking pleasure. Though I am currently mourning USA hockey’s bitter loss, I wish you all a Happy March; we’re just three short weeks away from Spring.


A truckload of thanks


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