Fisherman’s Ale

Cape Ann Brewing Co.
Gloucester, MA
Fisherman’s Ale

Another Mass brew, this time from GLAW-stah (under contract from Olde Saranac), it’s labeled as a “Kölsch-style ale” so it will get a kolsch-style glass. Though Kolsch is a clear, golden, German (Kölsch=Köln=Cologne) beer that is stored (lagered), it is top-fermented and technically an ale, not a lager (sorry for all the parenthetical phrases).

The color is bright gold, with a tinge of orange. A rocky white head is slow to form and quick to settle, though large globular carbonation launches erratically to the top.

The nose is sweeter than you might expect. There is a starchiness to the aroma and it reminds most of warm French fries – certainly appealing.

The mouthfeel is full and the large bubbles help expand the flavor. A faint sweetness rises quickly, but doesn’t cloy. Rather, it gives way to a clean, metallic taste of Euro or Noble hops.

With more body than a pilsner and less bite than a Dortmunder, Kolsch is always a nice quaff. This particular brew is an excellent sample of the style and would be great if you’re looking for something with a bit more depth than most standard pilsners.


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