Sam Adams Noble Pils

Boston Beer Company
Boston, MA
Sam Adams Noble Pils

Using all five of the Noble hops, this beer is sure to be a crisp and grassy refresher

The pour is full of effervescence, and a clean white foam bolts to the rim of the glass. Through the excellent clarity, steady streams of stocky bubbles make their way to the top and retain a quarter-inch of head.

The color is a gold to make Midas proud, clear and yellow with just the faintest hint towards a luster.

Drinking it all is a Noble pursuit

The nose has tart lemon followed by wet, mown grass, just as you’d expect., and a faint aroma of olive oil towards the back, too.

The mouthfeel is very good, initially providing some skim milk body, but with nice ebullient carbonation. Water crackers with honey, and parsley show up quickly, but disappear just as fast in a wave of grassy hops with just a touch of citrus.

Sam Adams has made a beautiful beer here, and this rivals just about any pilsner made in the US. . I believe this is taking over for their old spring seasonal, and I think it’s a fine replacement. Love the blue and green cap, too.


2 responses to “Sam Adams Noble Pils

  1. I’ve been tempted to try this as I’m reading a lot of good things about it. I just haven’t been in the mood lately – with all the snow and stuff, I’m still enjoying the stouts I have.

    I liked the old Spring Seasonal – what was it, the White Ale? Too bad they’re not making it anymore.

  2. Look at this. A high rating for a beer out of Boston. I’ll let you wear my Sox hat next time we go shooting.

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