Beer Reviews Update

Hello Beer Fans,

It occurred to me that some of Brew York City’s older posts might not be easily found except through a direct search. I went through the archives and found that nearly 40 reviews were untagged. I tagged old reviews that were categorized (or not) and slapped a “Beer Review” tag on them, as well as style, state, and some new and exciting ones (Imperial! Vienna!). Get excited.

This will facilitate use of the tag cloud for seeking out the beers you want to find. We’re up above 90 reviews now, with plenty more to come.

Thanks to those of you have become Facebook fans of Brew York City. For you in the NE, enjoy your snowday, and for everyone else, have a great weekend, and cheers!

You gonna Finnish that?


2 responses to “Beer Reviews Update

  1. As long as you keep it Awesome. That’s my favorite tag.

    I added you to the blogroll at… I’m not saying that should be considered a huge deal or anything, but hopefully some people read the stuff in the side columns and catch some of your reviews.


  2. Yeah, this snow has to stop! We had 20 inches where I am in Jersey, but the rest of the weekend looks good for some beer enjoying!

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