Pemi Pale Ale

Woodstock Inn Brewery
Woodstock, NH
Pemi Pale Ale

This NH brew claims that it is rated the best pale ale in the Northeast and the second best in the country. We shall see. Thought I’d switch things up with a different vessel style today. Here’s a sweet glass mug courtesy of my brother.

The head is extremely lively, exploding to over an inch of billowy, yellowish head, and sticking as it settles.

The color is one of the prettier copper hues I’ve seen in a beer. It’s not quite amber, and neither is it orange or brown.

Drink Free or Die.

The nose is dank and mossy and seesaws between sweet malt and citric hops. To be honest, the aroma is a bit off-putting, but you can tell there is some body in there. Burnt honey prevails, really, and seems to lean to a malty – rather than hoppy – beer.

The mouthfeel is very good, thanks to a smooth start and plenty of erratic effervescence. Malt is the initial taste, with a lot of toffee that softens up a bit when the beer starts to warm. This allows some pine notes from the hops to take over and help the beer finish fairly dry.

A bit sweet for me but Pemi improves in the open air. This beer has some of the requisite toasty bitterness for a good pale, but it needs a bit more balance. It’ll get another go-round in the future as I always like to give a beer the benefit of the doubt. Plus, Bee likes this brew and he hasn’t lied to me about anything so serious as beer ever.

All that aside, a lovely lace curtain is left behind and is worthy of a photo, though my photo is not worthy.


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