Widmer Broken Halo

Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.
Portland, OR
Broken Halo IPA

A very rocky, pure white head rises slowly, and descends again to a quarter-inch. The color is surprisingly light, more straw than many IPAs which tend towards amber. Some orange and gold tones shine through the very good clarity. You can see slow, widely spaced bubbles rising throughout.

This angel plucks hop strings.

The nose is almost all grapefruit with just a faint resinous back of pine cones.

The mouthfeel is exceptionally full and hops are running rampant across the palate. There is a really nice, clean wash of slightly chewy malt, but it is soon washed away by the citrusy hops. This is a wonderful brew for a hophead, but it doesn’t leave your mouth puckered. The hops are full and undeniably present without but surprisingly mild, leaving an overall hop feel in the mouth, rather than wiping out your tastebuds with a bitter assault.

Some beautifully formed craggy lacing is already sticking to the glass after just a few sips. Another fine brew from the Widmers.


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