Full Sail Session Black

Full Sail Brewing Co.
Hood River, OR
Session Black

Full Sail is one of those breweries that seldom disappoints. Their Session line is a great example of how great West Coast beers don’t need to punch you in the liver. Here is their dark lager which pours a semi-translucent, very dark, deep brown. When held to the light, loamy tints of red come out beneath the fairly well-maintained light tan head.

The nose is an interesting mix of malt and light West Coast hopping. Maple syrup and pancakes, along with some roasted notes of chocolate and toffee. The hops are subtle, but there is just a bit of orange tang in the back.

The mouthfeel is excellent. Initially, you are met with some of the roasted grain that is impressively smooth and creamy. Touches of chocolate and brown bread flow towards the back of the mouth as the roastiness subtly makes its way around the mouth.

The finish is seamless, becoming slightly twiggy, and finally finishing cleanly with an afterthought of the roasted barley.

This is an indication of great things coming in small packages. While I love the stubby-style bottle as it reminds me of VB, it’s only 11 ounces, and I wanted all I could get. As the name suggests, this beer could pass for a session. At 5.4%, this would make a great choice if you’re looking for something more interesting than your standard, easy-drinking lager.

As an added bonus, you get an under-the-cap game. I’m a sucker for those extras. Buy a case and play with your friends. It’s a session beer, but don’t try to play solo.

Paper beats Rock. Rock beats Country. Beer trumps all.


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