St. Arnold Spring Bock

St. Arnold Brewing Co.
Houston, TX
Spring Bock

With spring weather upon the Great State of Texas for moment, I went looking for some appropriate brews. I stumbled upon a six-pack of St. Arnold Spring Bock. Since I dig this weather, am newly obsessed with bock beer, and spend my days composing love-filled sonnets to St. Arnold beer, I figured this was perfect.

The color is crystal clear amber like it was just dug up from a Baltic forest; some yellow tones near the edges of the glass really enhance the clarity. Straight, steady streams of bubbles ascend the glass, with a few pearl strands that expend themselves quickly, forming an off-white head that descends slowly with some light lacing.

Check out the apropos hilarity under the cap

The nose is almost all malt with a faint wet-straw aroma and perhaps overripe orange peel. There are some hints of peppery Euro hops, too. Initially, a sweet, slightly toasty aroma emerges, followed by a background of fresh nuts.

The mouthfeel is exceptionally full, assaulting all corners of the palate. At first, there is a creamy feel, like an ale, but the malt character really starts to pick up, simultaneously hitting on sweet caramel notes and a bread-like chewiness. Finally, as the warmth of the alcohol starts to outweigh the smoothness of the malt, some grassy, peppery notes kick in thanks to the Saaz hops.

All around, this is a stellar bock with a big malt character and a 6.4%ABV to back it up, but it uses the Pilsner-style hops well and finishes the sip on a slightly spicy note so you don’t feel like you just got butted by a goat.


5 responses to “St. Arnold Spring Bock

  1. I still have five bottles of DR9 in the fridge but am saving that for post Easter enjoyment. However, I have no other St. Arnold’s in the fridge, and won’t be in their marketing region until April. Hopefully they’ll have some of that Bock left. Your article may even inspire me to ask a my son to pick me up a six pack in case they run out before April.

  2. You missed a golden opportunity to make a subtle reference to Shiner Bock in the last sentence. Replacing goat with ram would have ended your tale in a knee slapper!

    • Well, that’s sort of what I was going for. Goats were often used as symbols of bock beer. According to wikipedia: “Bockfest officially begins with the Bockfest Parade, a nontraditional procession always led by a goat pulling a keg of bock”. Likewise, claims “another theory states that [bock] beer has astrological significance since it presumably could only have been made during the cold months ruled by Capricorn. Regardless of which theory of origin is accurate, all bock beer styles nevertheless converge under one unifying symbol, a billy goat. Why? Because “bock” is actually the German word for “billy goat””
      Either way, I’m glad to know my poorly constructed pun didn’t go wholly unnoticed!

  3. @Brew Yorker

    Haha! It didn’t. I just mention b/c Shiner is a competing Texas beer and widely popular……. despite not actually being a bock! It’s easy an easy choice of which is the better beer, although I drank a *whole* lot of Shiner while in Austin at UT.

    My short review of St A’s Spring Bock: Great beer. Keeps relatively well. I always save some to drink after the next year’s release. I dislike the screw tops on this year’s version though.

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