Sierra Nevada Glissade

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Chico, CA
Glissade Golden Bock

The color is more yellow gold than orange or amber. The head is white, gloriously pillowy, and seems to be sticking the edges. The effervescence is very lively and steady, rising in a straight plume from the etched bottom of the glass.

Some sweet cotton candy aromas just barely arise from behind a grassy aroma – an indication of the German and Slovenian hops. On the whole, a husky dampness takes over the nose.

The mouthfeel starts with a very full, creamy sensation thanks to the stellar head retention. The flavors really start to open up though after the initial froth settles. Corn husk, straw, and grass jump up first. Imagine standing in one of Van Gogh’s wheatfields, where everything is smooth and golden and slightly earthy. Subtle malt flavors work their way around the mouth with some touches of cereal but, on the whole, conceal the 6.4% very well. The end starts to become grassier ending with a dryness that is just the slightest mix between citric and metallic.

This beer tastes more like a German lager than just about any American brew you’ll find, perhaps with the exception of Victory’s Prima Pils. Unlike any other Sierra out there, this beer has none of the grapefruit and pine aromas or flavors of the Cascade-heavy brews they put out.

The lacing is a gorgeous, sun-lit glacial wall, and is certainly picture-worthy.


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